March 12, 2014 1 min read

The Oscars are so fun to watch~ all the glamour and star gazing!  This year was especially fun for me since jewelry is my thing. And boy was jewelry back in a big way!  These are the 5 Trends to Watch for 2014 according to the Jewelry Loupe one of my favorite blogs.


1. Draping Down the Back

Both Coco Chanel and Jennifer Lawrence wear it beautifully!


Achieve the same look with Chikahisa Studio's Silver Branch Layering Necklace

2. Statement Necklace

Charlize Theron just oozes with Hollywood Glamour here!

 My version of the Harry Winston below.  This is new and will be available online 3/31



3. Gem Clusters 


Louise Roe is wearing Chopards diamond Spider Webs

Ok so these may not be diamond Spider Webs but I think you achieve the same look.  These are new and will be available on 3/31

4.  Ear Cuffs

Sandra Bullock looks like a million bucks wearing these beautiful diamond ear cuffs from Lorraine Schwarts.  

These fun earrings hug your lobe too and have a little chain that hangs down for some drama.  These will be available on 3/31.


5.  Funky Pearls


Portia di Rossi's fun pearls.  I'm loving the chunky pearl bracelet~ a good piece for inspiration!


What's your favorite trend?  How will you be wearing it?  We'd love to hear so post a photo or comment below.



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