3 unconventional suggestions for a positive 2022

Posted by Kim Zachary on

Come up with a Word of the Year

Ditch complicated New Year resolutions you can’t remember by February and embrace the way you want to feel all year round.

For example, my word for 2022 is OPEN.

Because life can break our hearts "open". But now I’m seeing opportunities to heal (and change). It's all about putting myself back together and creating an even more beautiful version.

OPEN is like a powerful anchor helping me drop down into my body when decisions are overwhelming.

Listen to Grechen Rubin here on how to find your own Powerful Word.


Look Back at What's Working

Here’s another way to ditch New Year resolutions that don’t work... Why not perform a yearly review instead?

Look back and identify what worked in 2021. How would you make it better?

Make tweaks. Add an extra step. And continue to build your life (and dreams) brick by brick.

This approach feels way more realistic and empowering than far away goals. It’s all about creating lasting momentum and actionable plans.

Watch Michelle B. breakdown how she reviews the previous year here


Live in the gain not the gap

Human beings aren't wired to notice the good stuff that much. It’s an evolutionary thing.

We practically need to retrain our brains to live in the gains, not the gap.

Have you heard of athletes visualizing a win before competing? It’s the same concept and it’s been proven to get results.

Shift your mindset with this podcast episode from James Altucher.

Here’s to a positive 2022 for all of us!

You got this,


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