September 16, 2015 2 min read

Dear Friends,

I have big news to share with you!This holiday season I am opening a shop in New York City!

Five years ago I started Chikahisa Studio through the support of my community who rallied around me and my passion for showcasing the beauty of imperfection through jewelry. You helped me bring this business to the world and now, I am taking the next step in my growth. I will be opening a pop-up shop in Grand Central Station for the holidays, and I am reaching out to you, the people who made this all possible in the first place, to join me in this next step.

In order to make all the jewelry I need to sell in NYC, I need to buy more raw materials to craft the pieces you know and love and hire someone on to help me with all the work!

Today I am launching a financing campaign with Community Sourced Capital to raise the funds I need to make our pop-up shop a reality. This isn’t your typical crowdfunding campaign. I am not asking for your donation. I am inviting you to make a small loan to Chikahisa Studio that we will use to grow and that I will pay back to you over 2-3 years. These loans come in $50 increments called Squares, and each person can lend from $50 to $2,000 into our campaign. While we need many squares to reach our financing goal, each Square has a huge impact. In fact, every Square we raise through our campaign will be matched one-for-one by the Seattle Made Program, doubling your impact on our campaign. Each $50 you lend will mean $100 for Chikahisa Studio’s growth.

I would love to include you, one of my supporters, to participate in this campaign as we go to New York City!  Click hereto read more about the campaign.



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