Handmade Jewelry: Why it means good business

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Here at Chikahisa Studio, we are proud to be a handmade jewelry company.  Here are several reasons why purchasing handmade jewelry means good business.

1.   Time and energy goes into designing, producing and creating each piece of jewelry in our studio.   As a designer, I become very intimate with each piece and spend a lot of time in choosing each intentional detail.  

 2.  Like many small businesses, we believe in hiring local talent at living wages.  We want to know our community and create opportunities in them.  It's one of our core beliefs to be able to give back to our local economy by producing our pieces in Seattle.  

3.  We take time to resource our products by hand selecting our gemstones and finding recycled and earth friendly resources whenever possible.

4.  Smaller scale production means there is a higher quality product because we take pride in what we make.

So remember when you're shopping handmade jewelry that you are getting so much more than a beautiful product.  


We thank you for supporting handmade!

You can see what we do here.




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