What is the Universe Telling Me?

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Sometimes my belief in manifestation can waver. You too? But if you pay attention, the Universe will send signs that it's listening

Importance of Paying Attention

Recently, I was wondering if the Universe was listening. And BOOM the sign showed up. Thankfully I was open to receiving the messages. They can come in many forms like synchronicity, symbols, or intuition.

what are some signs?

They can be repeating numbers like 111, 333, 555. Or seeing an animal. Other times it'll show up as a symbol, like a heart shaped rock or a leaf shaped like something familiar.

This is what happened to me

I was walking one morning and I stumbled upon this gorgeous Blue Jay feather. I stopped and admired it and then kept walking. Then something told me to go back and pick it up~ so I did. When I got home, I looked up the meaning of a Blue Jay feather. This is what it means:

Finding a blue jay feather signifies that you should pursue your deepest aspirations. A blue jay feather can be interpreted as a sign that you are being safeguarded along the path and that you shouldn’t have self-doubt because you can succeed.

Wow! Right? This feather sits in one of my trays on the coffee table. I look at it every day while I meditate.

Have you had any experience like this? I'd love to know!


When you're manifesting, the Universe is always listening. And it'll show you signs that you're on the right track. Be present. Pay attention. And you will receive confirmation that you're headed in the right direction.

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