Standing up for AAPI & the #VeryAsianMovement

Posted by Kim Zachary on

See the local Seattle K5 News feature. 

Introducing the Domo Collective and all the Pacific Northwest Makers involved.

When my friend Angela created a website featuring Asian makers as a way to raise funds for AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) organizations, I just had to be involved for this worthy cause.

So I rolled up my sleeves in the studio...and came up with an unusual piece (for me).

The 2 Dumpling Necklace symbolizes the essential connection all humans share with food. Food is more than fuel. It's culture.

Food is a familiar way to literally consume what is foreign to us. Food has no borders and is often a powerful introduction to an unfamiliar place. Sparking delight, curiosity, and a "taste" for more. Food can truly bring us together.


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