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The Desire Talisman was created to help you manifest your deepest desire.  Designed with a secret pocket, write your desire on a piece of paper and hide it. Carry it with you as a reminder.

What is manifesting your desire mean?

I have believed in manifesting in various forms most of my life. I've called it everything from goal setting, and dreaming, to vision boarding. You've probably manifested in some shape or form and didn't realize that's what you're doing!

Have you ever just daydreamed about what you wanted? 

Or set a goal, like losing a certain amount of weight or saving up for something special? 

Or create a vision board with pictures of what you'd love to have in your life? 

These are all ways of manifesting. Now you too can manifest what you desire!

Desire Taliman

The Desire Talisman is designed to ignite your self-belief and manifest what you desire. It will be a constant reminder that you are inherently worthy of all that you yearn for. Empower yourself to break free from the chains of doubt and welcome the abundance and fulfillment that the universe has in store for you.

This Talisman has a special pocket designed to allow you to write down what you are desiring in your life. It's a truly meaningful gift to give someone too, as you can write a personal message to uplift their belief in their own power.

Manifest your desire with the Desire Talisman to elevate your journey and seize every opportunity that comes your way!

Does Manifesting REALLY work?

Here's my personal story.

In 2019, I had to move from my house and started working with a Realtor. My list of wants was specific:

  • Two bedroom/2 bath single family home

  • Vintage vs New Construction

  • Parking

  • Small Yard

  • Between certain streets which was about a 5-block radius

  • All within my budget

He looked at me like I was crazy because in Seattle it was a tall order. I let the list go and didn't think of it again.

We started looking at houses but found nothing suitable. Two weeks later, a listing showed up with all my criteria. We went to look at it and immediately, I knew it would be perfect. But I had to make an offer right away since the listing agent was deciding on offers in about 2 hours. Was I crazy? I went home and sat quietly, got in touch with my wisdom, and decided to make an offer. I left it up to the universe and knew that the house would be mine if it was meant to be.

At 9pm that evening, my agent called me and told me I was a homeowner.

What I learned is that manifesting needs to have 3 things: be very specific like where I wanted to live (the 5-block radius), you need to be able to visualize it, and can feel what it will be like.

Since that event, it has only strengthened my belief in manifesting. And the thought to create an additional Talisman that connects our personal power to Dream. Believe. Trust. You too CAN manifest what you desire.

"The most important thing for successful manifesting is to be very specific and be able to see it and feel it in order to manifest what you desire"

How do I start manifesting what I desire?


First, decide what you want to manifest. What lights you up? What are dreaming about?

Then follow these steps.

  1. Get really specific. What are the details, like size, color, location, and dollar amount.

    An example is my house. I got the specific details of everything I wanted for my house.

  2. Visualize it. A vision board can help. Or use meditation to help “see” it. What does your desire look like? You want to be able to see yourself in your desire. Where is it located? What color is it? What's the size? What is the smell? What does is feel like if you touch it? Does it have a taste?

  3. Feel it. Take time every day to know what it feels like. Live in it and feel how it feels to have the desire. Pretend that you've already received it. How does your desire make you feel? Where do you hold this desire? How can you keep this vision really bright and light you up?

  4. Although it's hard to do, you've got to let the universe take over. Visualize and believe daily but don't push too hard. Let it go and believe the universe will make it happen at the right time.

And of course, I recommend the Desire Talisman to elevate your journey and seize every opportunity that comes your way!

I've created the Talisman Collection as a way to help you manifest what you desire. Each Talisman is designed and created to be  a beautiful reminder that you can wear close to your heart. Each talisman is an artistic pendant that can be mixed and matched to your manifestation. Here's to your journey! 

Dream. Believe. Trust.

Desire Talisman Pendant
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