What is Bronze?

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Good question!  It can be confusing with all the different types of metals out there.  It's an alloy combined of copper and tin.  It is typically a dull yellow color that closely resembles the color of 18k gold.   It will age over time if you don't clean it or protect it.  

Think: Roman sculptures.

I personally love how Bronze ages over time.  The patina adds a beautiful quality to it.

NOTE:  Bronze can turn discolor your skin.  This is not an allergic reaction but a chemical reaction.  It is due to your body's natural ph reacting to the copper.  It can easily be removed by washing with warm soap and water.  Make sure to dry your finger well too.   

TIP: You can help deter this reaction by limiting the contact with your skin.  The easiest way to do this is using clear nail polish as a barrier.  Put it on the inside of your ring.  This is a temporary fix so it'll need to be reapplied regularly.

This is one of our favorite bronze rings.  See it here!

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