Oh Go French Yourself! An interview

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chikahisa studio jewelry


I fell in love today! With an amazing jewelry collection and a jewelry designer! Ann Chikahisa's dreamy pieces have left me salivating all over myself. Accessories are so my thing always. They are the perfect way to update your wardrobe and make a statement. I stumbled on Chikahisa Studio's gram and couldn't get these exquisite beauties out of my head. You know that feeling when you instantly see something and just ohhhh and ahhhh over it and then before long you know you must have it?! That was me with all of Ann's jewelry. Like me, it all has such a sophisticated glam beauty to it but at the same time embodies this organic imperfect feeling. Shapes are continuous throughout making everything so unique and I love and appreciate those details. In fact, it's what I crave in the things that I curate and wear.

All the pieces are inspired by the natural world and she says her designs celebrate the beauty and grace of natural imperfection and I just connect with that. Everything is handmade with love using recycled materials whenever possible and all of the stones are ethically sourced. Beautiful and great for the environment. I love sharing her story and her craft and these simply divine works of art. Drooling yet?! Just look at these!!

Be still my heart.


This simple pendant with a 2 mm black diamond is my love language. Chain is 20" and I love it's simplicity. The black diamond adds the tiniest bit of sparkle to my day. I love the mixed metals and I adore the shape of this. I wear a ton of triangle cut dresses and this is the perfect size and shape to complete my look and it hits me at the perfect spot.  Just look at the detail. I wore it to brunch recently it was such a conversation starter!


I adore a good statement ring and the bolder the better in my life. And this piece is so different, inspiring, and beautiful. Ann describes this ring as a compelling beauty with a quiet strength and I just love that because it's spot on. Band ring is approximately 7/8" wide at the widest point and narrower on the inside for an easy comfy fit. It can be ordered in bronze or silver and also available with a diamond accent. Um....hello all of the above sous vi plait!

large dangle hoop earring


I love earrings. They are one of my favorite accessories even with long hair. Lin loves earrings too and I love keeping my man smiling. I love a good design and love for them to be lightweight on the ear too and this is the perfect earring for me. It's a classic take on the hoop earring that we all love keeping it minimal and eternal but it's also structural and incredibly unique. The mixed metal combo is my favorite and the small disks with chains add some edge and personality to this classic hoop. Available in so many different variations. Check that out here darlings. Pretty darn chic and elegant! Right?

These are the fabulous things Ann herself picked for me. Refinery 29 featured her gorgeous Silver Triples Ring as an alternative wedding band and I love them but also have my eye on The Stonehenge Trio band rings and do not even get me started on that Stonehenge Wrap necklace. OH MY GOODNESS. Too early to start my letter to Santa?! 

I think I just found the very person I would love to design my wedding ring but that's a whole other blog post for a different day. (wink)

Stone stick necklace

Roman wide band ring

Stone stick necklace and roman band ring

Go fill those carts Frenchies!




Thanks Sam for the ❤️ ❤️!!   Here's where you can find Sam.

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