Jewelry Care

Care and Cleaning:

Enjoy your jewelry and wear it often! Remember to apply your hairspray, perfume, and cosmetics before putting on your jewelry. It is best to remove your jewelry when in the shower, cleaning, or swimming. 

When you decide to store your pieces, keep them dust free & prevent tarnishing by wrapping them in a soft cloth & storing in an air tight bag.

A Polishing cloth or mild cleaner are best to brighten and restore your sterling or bronze jewelry. See ours here.

Note: The oxidation process used to darken jewelry gives depth and character, but over time this will wear off. Cleaners will also remove this process. Reapplication of this process can be easily done at home. See our Jewelry Care Kit.

Semi-precious stones are best cleaned with a damp cloth. Gently pat dry using a soft-cloth and make sure your jewelry is completely dry before wearing or storing again. Always avoid solvents, any harsh chemicals, or any abrasive materials.