The Talisman Collection

The Talisman Collection was created to help women face the world with a renewed sense of clarity and confidence.  In times of unexpected change, having something meaningful to hold near can help us to regain our focus, and remember our intentions.

Major life changes can unground us, and cause us to question the path we're on.  The Talisman Collection was created to remind you that even when your circumstances change, that doesn't mean you've lost your way.

Designed to lay close to your heart, your talisman acts as a reminder of the beliefs that you hold dear.  Since it's launch, women have relied on their talisman to connect to their personal power and create a life they love.

Talisman Necklaces

A perfect way to start your Talisman Collection!  

We've put together a set to get you started.  And you can add individual pendants as you see fit!

Build Your Custom Talisman Necklace

Creating your own Talisman is easy! 

Step 1 Pick your Talisman(s)   

Step 2 Select a Chain

Step 3 Select a Connector


"We must be willing to let go of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us."  ~Joseph Campbell