Our creative process

 Our jewelry begins in a wax mold.  It's carved, shaped and sanded first and then cast in metal.  I love the rhythm and sound of sawing and sanding.  
After the ring is cast in metal it is then sanded to the desired finish.  Sometimes it's smooth and shiny.  Other times it's rough and textured.  

What I love most about rings is that the wearer gets to truly appreciate them.  And they become part of your life. 

Our hands are the gateway to our soul~ the energy that comes from our hands is expressed through them.  We connect with people through touching.  It's my way of connecting with you through my rings.  

You'll love the organic shapes and textures because it celebrates imperfection.  And there is so much beauty in imperfection.  My rings are a reminder that we're not perfect and  that is perfectly fine!

Our Materials and Product Information:
Chikahisa Studio uses sterling silver, bronze, 18k yellow gold, as well as precious and semi-precious stones in its designs.  Balance, sustainability, beauty, and joy are integral to my work in both design and process. When ever possible, metals are derived from recycled sources. All diamonds are conflict free. All work is handcrafted, happily slight variations can occur.

Due to their handcrafted quality, Chikahisa Studio rings have a unique sizing. If you have questions about ring sizing please order our easy to use & very accurate ring sizer.