The Talisman Collection started at a time in my life that I was facing significant life changes & I needed something to help me feel grounded again.  I wanted a valuable piece that could help me feel hold an intention close to my heart.  When I couldn't find what I was looking for, I decided to create my own version of the Talisman.

I knew it needed to be uniquely shaped to reflect the organic nature of life, and ultimately, be a piece of art.  Once the first one was created and I started wearing it, I could feel the shift & focus it was helping me to bring about.  I shared it on social media and other women began to respond and request Talismans for themselves!  It was a beautiful feeling to realize that I was not alone in my experience and the many of us struggle with similar changes.

Now, the Talisman Collection has become the most personal part of my business.  It brings me deep satisfaction to know that so many women have found it helpful to carry these personal pieces of art through their life's journey ~ whether it's a significant change or just something they are dealing with internally.