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I feel like we’re kindred spirits joined by an admiration for deeply meaningful and artful work. That’s why I created a Holiday Gift Guide just for us!
Who's your Chikahisa Woman?

She's the one that loves when a statement piece can embody her life’s journey.

With hand-fabricated chains... expressing that perfectly imperfect wabi-sabi style. 

Designed for women embracing their true selves. Unapologetic-ally.


She's carved from a single block. Reminiscent of ancient monoliths. And loves sculpture she can actually wear. 

For that quietly confident woman with a worldly edge. 


Designed for women fearlessly carving their own path. Passionate and sees the unmistakable mark of the artist’s hand. 

In every facet, every texture, every curve.


She is a spirited women with a creative edge. Vibes with meaningful, symbolic totems.

Reaches for anchoring pieces, designed for setting intentions and going deeper


Have you fallen in love yet? Whether you're searching for an unforgettable gift or looking to treat yourself, you’ll find that perfect piece right here.

With love,


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